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Spider web [Hanamiya x Reader]
Please listen to the song while reading the first part! ~
Deep into the woods, there lived a spider. He used to build his web between the branches of a big, old oak. It was a beautiful web: thin, yet strong. His poor prey could only notice it when it was already too late. None of those he caught ever fled away from his web. Ever.
One day, when the sun was still asleep and the blue of the night shroud the woods, he started to build his web.
His creation was almost done when his little dark eyes reflected something he never saw before, something beautiful, graceful. That creature flew around his tree, near the branches he used as support for his web. He froze, admiring the beautiful, white butterfly flying with prettiness near his web. He hoped it would fly into it, but the white butterfly eluded it. As if it saw it, it flew right over it and with a soft movement of its wings, it destroyed the web.
The spider watched the butterfly fly away from him while his web unbound and fell
:iconindigoskycaller:IndigoSkyCaller 101 11
inappropriate. / hanamiya makoto
The door to the gym slammed open.Hara and Furuhashi turned their head as they stood in the middle of the court.A frantic girl looked left and right,as if she didn't find it her life would be in shambles.She started walking through the whole gym,looking in every room there was,not sparring a single glance at the only two boys that watched with curiosity.Though they didn't show it.Not one of them thought about asking for what the girl was looking, mainly because they could care less. After a good five minutes,she came up to Hara.And he could see her twitch from time to time.Her dainty hands grabbed his jersey,pulling him down to her level.
"Where's Makoto."It was more of a demand then a question.Although she couldn't see his eyes,the girl could see a little bit of confusion.
"He's not here yet."
With a frustrating sigh from her pink lips,her hands went in to her hair,harshly pulling her tresses.Her gaze was fixated on the floor, the angst showing much more then when she came in.She stepp
:iconspiderbat12:SpiderBat12 114 11
stupid mornings. / hanamiya makoto
The birds chirped behind the closed window that was in your room. Raze of sunlight broke through the clear glass of the window and in to your room. You smiled. No, you weren't asleep. You woke up a long time ago, you just wanted to enjoy the feeling of sleep a little longer. Your hands grabbed the comforter, bringing it up to your calm face, covering your mouth and nose. As you finished your action, a weight shifted beside you. You grimaced, a little angry that the person disturbed you nap. You opened you eyes. (E/c) starring right in to olive.
"Those eyebrows give me nightmares."
Hanamiya frowned. To think, when he woke up by his beloved, he would get an occasional 'Good morning honey' or a sweet kiss on the lips. But you were you.Of course you would say something stupid.
"Your loss." He sighed.If you aren't going to make the first move, he was.Even though he was an asshole, he showed his love to his girlfriend from time to time. His arms grabbed her waist, pulling her flush against h
:iconspiderbat12:SpiderBat12 158 5
reason. / hanamiya makoto
When people saw him walking down the halls of the busy school, they would try anything to avoid meeting his gaze, and some stare with disgust. Of course he knew all of this. He is Hanamiya Makoto. One of the uncrowned kings who played more ruthlessly. Everyone disapproved of his way of playing, but he could care less. Nobody told him what and how to play. He played by his own rules.
When asked, people would somehow always end up with the same answer of what they saw in Hanamiya. They saw a massive dark aura that surrounded him and a menacing look in his hooded olive eyes. The way he treated people was disgusting. He never had an ounce of kindness in his never existing heart. And the only thing he cared about was his pride. Never showing weakness. Talking to him, people always felt intimidated. Even more when they saw him play basketball.
The conclusion is people hated him.
But no one never really got close to him. No one ever became friends with him. People just judged him by look. Thi
:iconspiderbat12:SpiderBat12 188 21
Himuro x Reader : Hot and Cold [2 END]
Himuro x Reader : Hot and Cold [2]: END
“Maybe I should apologize to him? He was just looking after me…” You said to yourself after that day when you got home.
But then…you didn’t get the chance to get near him, because the Monday that came after that incident, was the start of the school festival and you were told to take charge of the bazaar your class are having… well, actually, this helped you to take you and Himuro’s argument off of your head.
It has been bothering you since that day... but you brushed it off.
“(name)-chan, can you go upstairs for more stock of this…” one of your classmates asked you. So you stood up and took the list from her and walked back up to the classroom… But when you reached the third floor you were surprised how everything changed. You can’t tell which way was the stock room’s direction is.
‘What the fuck?’ Yo
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 36 4
Himuro x Reader : Hot and Cold [1]
Himuro X Reader : Hot and Cold [1/2]

This is an old one. Just moving the stories here from my quotev sorry for the crappy stuffs. :)
You and Himuro are friends- we can't say that you two are best of friends--but you are closer to him than any other girls around the campus.
Aside from that, another fact between the two of you is that if Himuro is a 'warm heart, cool head' type of person, you are the opposite, a 'hot head, cold heart' ...not exactly.
Himuro Tatsuya thinks you are the sweetest- even though you're a loud and crappy person. Well, you are one of the nicest around- its just that when you are panicking and you're in a bad mood you tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time and worse- you act before you think.
That is why whenever Himuro had a chance when he's free from practice, he always come and see you during your breaks and most of the time even on your way home. The later part though only occurred lately- when h
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 38 7
Waiter!Himuro X Reader: I'll make you qualified~
"Why? Why?? WHY??!!" You slammed your head against the locker of your room.Certainly,you weren't very pleased with yourself. It was due to the fact that you realized that you fallen head over heels in love with the black-haired waiter you saw a few days ago.
But unlike others,developing a crush wasn't really normal for someone like you. And why is that? It was because of your nature. Being the daughter of a high Government Official,not to mention rich as well,made you have a high self-esteem about yourself. You didn't have many friends at school as the students would describe you as the 'spoiled rich girl'. But you didn't mind. You just didn't talk to people who couldn't reach upto your level.
Same goes for your opinion about guys. You just didn't find them fascinating enough. But all your thoughts were defeated by this waiter,who was also a basketball player of your school,Yosen High. You didn't think very highly of Himuro before you saw him in his job uniform. You had to admit he had
:iconlamisa5611:Lamisa5611 48 15
Reincarnation AU | Midorima x Reader
"I meet and fall in love with you in every lifetime at the same age but your age is always different so it never works out and for the first time I’m meeting you when we’re the same age and I’m horrified that I might fuck this up."'Man proposes. God disposes. I am a man that proposes; I always carry my lucky item of the day with me as my horoscope said. That's why my shots never miss.'
Call it a peculiar lifestyle but Midorima has his firm reasons on following religiously what Fate dictated to him. He has lifetimes of experience to back up his belief that Fortune favors the obedient and the believer. Midorima has lived as both.
It didn't start out that way. A century ago, his past self wasn't so superstitious to bother anything supernatural. Then again, his past selves weren't the brightest people, and honestly, not the luckiest of the bunch. Midorima sometimes chide himself for his past selves stupid mistakes.
But that's the past and Midorima isn't
:iconerishanaka:erishanaka 201 15
Reincarnation AU | Himuro x Reader
We only remember each other in alternating lifetimes so every lifetime we have to find one another and convince each other that we’re soul mates but half the time I won’t believe you and half the time you’re already dating someone else.”
“Yo Tatsuya, it’s been a while since we last talked. Work is just crazy for me, you know, but I’m free this weekend. Wanna meet up? I kind of want you to meet someone.”
Himuro waited patiently for Kagami’s voicemail to end before dialing his friend’s number. Truth be told, he already knew where this is going; the last time he and Kagami met to catch up, the latter was a blushing mess and asking for Himuro’s advice on how to catch a girl’s attention. Himuro couldn’t believe at first that something completely unrelated to food nor basketball got Kagami’s attention and interest but he supposed his younger brother has to grow up at some point.
:iconerishanaka:erishanaka 139 43
Prince Charming - Tsukishima Kei x Reader
I never really knew what love has meant to me

It was just so confusing.
You were always there right by my side, telling me all these kinds of stories.

You cried. You cried as you clutched your phone as the sound of your sobs was the one echoing in your empty apartment. You tried to calm yourself down but before you knew it, you were already sweeping everything off your desk and throwing a few things across the room. Tears wouldn’t stop as they continued to fall from your swollen eyes, your phone not far from your reach.
Your boyfriend that you had trusted and believed that he would wait for you was already loving someone else. You had several jobs and you were desperately trying to get some money and buy a ticket to visit him. But it was already too wait and he didn’t seem to want to wait for you much longer. Two and a half years. Two and a half years on trying
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 122 6
[Hanamiya] [Soulmate!AU] Pain
Hanamiya Makoto x Reader  [ Soulmate!AU ]
A/N: Warning for mild profanities and violence
Soulmate!AU where you experience the pain that your soulmate feels
Throughout your first week in Kirisaki Daichi High School, your new classmates had been warm and welcoming; showing you around school and helping you out with the syllabus. Relieved to have found friendship with a couple of girls from your class, you usually had lunch with them in the classroom.
“Stay out of Hanamiya’s way,” they told you one day. “He’s not someone you’d ever want to trifle with.”
“Hanamiya Makoto! Surely you’ve heard of him?”
“No, not really…” you muttered, looking up from your lunch. “What’s he like?”
“He’s the tall, scary guy from the basketball club. You know, the guy from the other class that always gets into fights?” Upon seeing the lack of recognition in your counten
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 392 64
Makoto Hanamiya x reader [i love you]
Makoto Hanamiya x reader
Language warning
"What're you doing Makoto?", you whisper dumbfounded.
You stare intently at the bizarre scene of your boyfriend of a year being affectionate. Crouch down he was, petting a small dog without a care in the world. His eyes seemed locked onto the dog, and he didn't notice your approach or voice. So sneakily you creep up behind him. Before you could utter a word he spoke.
"Don't try it, (f/n)."
Pouting you stare down at him. He called you here the minute you closed the door when you got home. You trudged back 5 minutes here to the park to see him.
Of course, you being a young, emotional teenager you thought of the worst and hurried right on over. Such as breaking up, taking a break, or the worst, to show of a sexier girl that he had been cheating on you with. Luckily upon getting here, you saw him with a dog rather than a girl.
"So what's up?"
"Nothing" he says pulling the puppy into his chest.
'Nothing?!' You thought angrily. "Oh... Ok-"
:iconjinx4souls:jinx4souls 164 5
Ranmaru Kurosaki x Reader- You're My Own Dream
You always have loved playing the drums.
It's like you set yourself free, without a care in the world.
You could express your own feelings through your drums, through the sound it makes.
Not a lot of people particularly liked you, because you weren't very sociable.
All you did was play your drums everyday at school.
You were actually very pretty to a lot of people, but you always ignored them.
You didn't trust a lot of people's decisions or comments, because you've been lied to, many times.
There was a band you liked though, their name was: Quartet Night.
You liked one member in particular- Ranmaru Kurosaki.
He seemed like a person who had a difficult past, and tried to change and forget it.
This was actually true for him though. He did have a difficult past, but he hasn't forgotten it.
One day, your school had a school competition happening.
A lot of people were going to enter, because if you won, you'd get to perform with the famous band: Quartet Night.
That was especially good for y
:iconbluelulu123:BlueLulu123 30 2
After Sex Talks - Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
After Sex Talks (N1)
It’s over, yet the bitter ache hasn’t died down in your lower part. Your eyes are squinted, afraid to open up to his smug face. You know that on top of you is still hovering triumphantly Kuroo, the sneaky weirdo that took your virginity.
You feel the weight of his torso pull off yours, and you hear him panting softly as he dumps his body beside you.
You release the air you’ve been holding and uncover your (eye/c) orbs, blankly staring into the dark ceiling above. Your fingers travel across the sheets to reach for your underwear, but he seizes your wrists, transferring your hands over to his side of bed.
You roll over to face the raven-haired boy, who’s now holding your hands against his chin. He gives your backhand a soft kiss and gazes at you through his lashes, curiosity swims across his hazel eyes.
“Was I too rough?” He asks in a husky, guilty voice.
Blush crawls onto your cheeks and you hesitantly shake your hea
:icondanchogami:Danchogami 818 47
Hurricane [Haizaki Shougo x Reader]
Author's Note:
All of us, at this point of time, are already probably well aware that I own nothing but the text.
The following events occurred after Haizaki's loss during winter cup.


In all honesty, you never understood people like Haizaki Shougo, a classmate of yours. The boy was like a fucking force of nature - he did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and if someone was against him in any way (which is, as a matter of fact, almost always), they can just go fuck themselves. It was as though nothing mattered to him; that this bullshit we call life is just some game for him - A very shitty game, at that. In his case, though, none of the rules applied.
Haizaki Shougo was a hurricane.
Sometimes, in your times of vacant thought, you find yourself wondering how he justified all his douchery to himself, how his thoughts presented themselves to him and how exactly ended up that way. And although you wouldn't go as far as to call the attention you give him an a
:iconamereaberration:AMereAberration 257 45
I Still Do | Haizaki Shougo x Reader
A/N: This is Teiko Version of Haizaki.

I love you. I still do.
“Of course it had to rain” you muttered as you stared through the windows from the classroom, only witnessing the rain pouring heavily. “What an idiot for not bringing an umbrella.”
“Well, I guess you’re stuck with me for a while” a calm voice says beside you with a sigh. You turned your head to find the ash haired boy facing the window next to you with an expressionless demeanour.
You didn’t smile, both of you didn’t.
Just after school, you had been asked to stay in and clean the classroom with none other than the schools’ infamous delinquent, Haizaki Shougo.
Otherwise known as your ex-boyfriend.
Yeah, everyone questioned about it, even you did. How did you ever manage to fall in love with a bad boy like him? Or how did he ever manage to fall in love with a timid girl like you?
Who knows, but there is only one question that everyone is dreadi
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 166 32




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